PhiLings Training Hong Kong Mar 2019年3月香港首屆明眸提升及抗衰老全方位課程

PhiLings 可針對的皮膚問題多樣化,效果顯著,全球唯一 MTS + Phi-Ion 混合技巧全方位課程,非入侵性療程或高能量儀器使用,安全有效,任何人都可以成為您的目標客戶! PhiLings is currently the only MTS + Phi-Ion combined technique training which you could offer treatments for anyone in the market! Non-invasive neither high energy devices involved, safe and highly effective! 首屆 香港課程!3月25-26日 First ever Hong Kong Training! 25-26th March! 由PhiAcademy 顧問醫生 @doctor.phi 親自任教!with Dr. Phi Vladimir Zec M.D.! 課程包含2天實體課、兩部專用儀器、專用產品及護理套裝、3個月線上課程及國際資格證書,萬勿錯過! 2 Days Live Training! plus 2 professional devices, product kits & aftercare kits, 3 months online training and internationally recognized certificate! 💪🏻 英文授課、中文翻譯 Instruction inRead More